Saturday, 28 September 2019

Printing at The Brick Box in Tooting Market!

Once upon a time when Brickbox was still in Tooting Market,London, I used to help run Art sessions there. This one weekend we ran a Printing workshop for children and adults and it was great fun.

We started off by showing people how we put the ink down and roll it out. We put the ink onto a glass slab, so as to have a few people doing it at the same time. Also doing this way, we didn't need loads of screens and rollers.

We then gave the children and adults sticks, foam shapes, toothbrushes and a few other objects, so they could experiment to see what patterns they could create .... on the pulled paper!

We got some very interesting images.

We then displayed them inside the coffee shop.

These next two images are very interesting one. Two boys spent ages trying to work out how to print their names the right way round, not back to front. In the end only one of them succeed but I was still very impressed with their determination and the end results.

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