Thursday, 26 September 2019

My degree work!

I quite often look back at some of the work l did, when l was doing my degree. This was an exhibition l created for St.Georges Hospital, it was based on faces and shoes. I asked random people in Wimbledon, if l could take an image of their faces and then their shoes. Then l mixed up the images and put them up on  magnetic boards. I put a notice between the two boards that said " Go on ... Have fun ... l dare you" and "Which person do you think wears each shoe"? 
Stood back and watched what happened. People were trying to take part even before l put up the boards! :) The funniest part for me was watching medical students, working out what went with what. Listening to their conversations and the number of them that got so engrossed they were late for work!! Over the week the boards were up , many of them came back every day. I also had a pad hanging next to a board for comments. Many of the comments were so funny. For example .... "please take these boards down because l keep being late for work" .... " I am visiting my mum but l would come any way, just to have fun" and one from an 8 year old child ... " Please can l take this home with me"? 

This was another game that l created using small tiles with images on that formed jigsaw puzzles words. This  exhibition created in the collage entrance hall. Students and lectures alike seemed to get really engrossed... !

This was my third year exhibition, in my 5 year part-time degree. I interviewed people involved with death. A Methodist Vicar, The Chief Imam of the London Central Trust and the Islamic Central Centre, in Regents Park, A Humanist, The leader of the Buddhist Temple in Wimbledon, Funeral Directors in Putney and Wardens in the Crematorium in Roehampton. I interviewed and recorded each person and then took their images. I asked each person what their views on death were, personal and religious themes were talked about.

Another exhibition l was involved in while still at collage, was held in the gallery above the Library in Wimbledon.

These three paintings were part of a workshop l did, working with young self harmers. I was so emotional when l finished the workshop l felt l had to create these three images. People either hate or love them.
When my husband was in the Army, each man had what they called a "Housewives" kit. It consisted of sewing equipment, sometimes an image and quite often a letter from the wife, mum or children or a poem.. So l created this one but with different words, poems etc, to do with a modern life style.

The other items in the glass cabinet, were objects that l made as part of a challenge we were given in  collage. We were given square pieces of plywood and asked to make something out of them! I used objects that l found in a second-hand shop and a few strange pieces l found in a grave yard!

It is fun sometimes to look back at work you did when your training. I was 50 when l started the degree. My children challenged me to do this degree because l had always wanted to go to Art School but my parents wouldn't let me go. Then when my husband and l came back to live in London, my children said, "Why not do a degree now mum"? I had no answer so had to go and l didn't expect them to accept me. Much to my surprise they said, " Yes and we have a place for you on a new degree course .... starting next Tuesday!!!Ha!

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