Tuesday, 24 September 2019

beginning again. Quick portrait sketches, just sketching and gel printing

Art is hugely important in my life .... in fact it has saved my life quite a few times. Having said that , when my children were small, l put Art on the back burner. Well actually l still did Art but child based, so to speak! Even so, l think many of us find that family commitments come between us and our creativity. How do we over come this problem? Well for many years l was told to just find 10 to 15 mins a day to create in. I found this so frustrating because l thought that once l had started to create , it was over so soon and l just became angry. Well .... last year in Australia at the tender age of 66, l discover the secret! 馃槺馃槀
I am also a very messy and unorganised painter, just ask my family!!! 馃槺馃槀  Anyway l spent most of the day looking after my two and a half year old grandson, so free time was limited. Also at the end of the day , around eight o’clock, l was shattered. Not that young anymore, even though l don’t feel old in my “head”. I was becoming very stressed because l was unable to create. Something had to change. So l decided l would try and do some sketching or doodling for 10/15 mins each day after all. And although l thought it wouldn't work ....l surprised it did. I would sketch in bed or if a coffee shop if we were out.


I realised also that l could do Gelli printing in short bursts too. Also l had so much fun, not concentrating on colours or stencils and just using what ever came to hand first. No stress just fun!! 

Something to turn into a card maybe?

A background page from one of my journals.

An image in a self published book!

So tomorrow l will show you some more of my Art and some more sketches.
Happy Arting!


  1. Welcome back, Artist. "Power to your elbow". I await further developments with anticipation. XX

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