Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Spiders, Sydney'sUrban Sketchers and the Gay Mardi Gra!

A Redback spider .... oh no! Tony was introduced to this baby spider this morning at the playground! Very nasty insect indeed, even though it was a baby. 

Talking of spiders ... saw these two on my day in Sydney. They were each in a web suspended between two trees. I was surprised how big their webs were. Not sure what their name is yet but am investigating  it.


Last Saturday l went to Sydney for the day. The main reason l went was to join The Urban Sketchers of Sydney. I was very worried about going but felt very much out of my comfort zone. They were amazing artists and l was totally intimidated ... BUT they were a really great group of artists. They meet on the first Saturday of the month and sketch all morning. An amazing group of artists, l have a lot to learn.

This was one of the buildings that people were sketching. It is still being built and we are all waiting to be able go inside ... so exciting!

These were three of the images l painted. The third one was created because l have am fascinated by how many lines l see round Sydney. The train lines, the tram lines, the buildings and so on. 


This is the second time l have seen this poor guy and he appeared to be even dirtier. He was a sleep so didn't talked to him. Dig his glasses! I wonder what his story is !

There was also a Gay Mardi Gras going on. Well actually it was starting at 7pm but there were loads of people around partying ! Here are a few of the party goers l saw.





We went to the beach this afternoon and it was great but boy was it windy!


And then we had a beautiful sunset to end the day on.

And last but not least ... a photograph taken by Tony, when we went to go and pick Felix up from Sprout. Note ... no shoes. I am becoming very Australian! ha!


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