Thursday, 7 March 2019

No 1 drawing project , DILF and the beach !

Day 1 of my own 100 day project. As l said yesterday .... l need to go back to drawing every day. This was one way l thought l might achieve that, by announcing to the world what l was thinking of doing! Ha!

One of the things people in UK talked about when they knew we were coming to Australia, was ...SPIDERS !!!!
This first one is a baby Redback ....very nasty even when it is a baby! yikes! The others l am not sure what they are!! I have a lot to learn. 



Today Thursday ... was a dull, cool day but we still went to the beach. Why?  Well there is a group here called DILF ( Dads l'd like to friend ) which my son, husband and grandson belong too. They meet on this particular beach, the children play and the dads chat! It is funny because l thought they would chat about football/Rugby and other men "subjects" but actually it is just like listening to woman chatting. How to put children to sleep, grumpy children, potty training etc! :)
My grandson and l had great fun following footsteps ......these turned out to be mine, which my grandson thought was hysterical. :)

Then we watched the surfers and the canoeists battle the waves. 

Then my grandson found tiny holes in the sand, so he used his fist to dig, to see what was down there. So funny to hear him making growling noises and saying ... drill, drill, dig, dig ! 

I cannot always draw when l am on the beach but l cannot help getting creative with what l have to hand! That is if l can photograph it before my g/son destroys it! Ha!

Night all xx

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Colour, shape and atmospheres

Hello every one! It is evening here in Australia and Nanna, Poppa, and our grandson spent the afternoon on the beach! Well ... where else would we be when the sun is shinning! :)  As some of you know l am fascinated by the rocks, on the beaches round here.  And Avoca beach may not have as many as other beaches but they are still interesting ... especially this one! Beautiful .

Now heading off into the water and into the unknown! :)

Not sure what this is but l think these are sponges but not sure. If you squeeze them, they squirt out water! Does anyone know they are?

They have these attached ... stunning colours !

Then l found these  ... any ideas people??


I think this is a crab shell ...  on a stone in the water.


This is either an anemone or a form of coral !

When l first saw this form, l thought it was a shell. BUT ... it was soft , so l have no idea what it is?


This one l do know ... it is a jelly fish !


I now realise that l know hardly anything about Australian Fauna and Flora, wether on land or sea! I must do some research.
Back to my rocks again ..... this green is amazing. I know it is algae but it looks as if it has been painted on. But what a green!


I love it as the tide goes out  ...  leaving these beautiful bubbles behind!


This image is of sand floating on the water! 

There are so many lines and circles on the beach and in the water! I must do some drawings!


Just before the sky turned dark and the rain came thundering down ... the beach suddenly looked like this. Isn't beautiful and dreamy looking ?

Then these amazing clouds came. I think they look like a dragon coming down to drink from the sea!


Then the rain came down in bucket loads plus thunder and lightning!

Then we had the most beautiful sunset ... here are a few images.


Then the sky turned pink and orange again!


And as you can see ... l am enjoying Australia VERY much!

Night all x

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