Saturday, 2 February 2019

My life so far! Art and sand!

Well we have had a month in Australia now and so l thought l should start my blog again. We have settled in well and now feel quite at home. Just before l left London, l had started a new sketchbook, so l thought l would show you a few of those images. The first one is of me trying to teach myself how to do portraits. Long way to go yet but quite pleased with this one.

So l have been sitting in coffee shops sketching, riding buses and trains, sketching and having a lot of fun. This next image is real ... l promise you this guy really had yellow hair like this.

On a tube train.

On a tube train.

In a library!

Then this image was on the plane coming to Australia.

If you know me you will realise that l LOVE colour. So in this new sketch book l have been playing around with colour and having a ball!

Once here in Australia l have been sketching like mad. I just can't stop! :)

This lovely lady put this image up on her coffee shop website because she was so pleased with it. To say the least l was quite chuffed!

Apart from sketching l have been having a whale of a time with my 3 year old grandson everyday. So l thought l would show you what my life is like here! Terrible life isn't it! Ha!

Tents are very useful here! :)

I can't help but make art wherever l go and with what ever is to hand!

The beaches are amazing.

Yes actual Australian Life Guards!

Well till next time folks xx

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