Monday, 4 February 2019

Having fun drawing on the beach and other Art creations !

Today as our grandson was at Nursery, we were free for most of the day ...  So we went to the beach. I had a ball as usual but today l also did some fun Art. As we parked the car, l noticed a stump behind it. I thought it was really beautiful. The lines on the wood, the way the rust from the nail had had an effect the wood and just the whole cracked image.


 Once on the beach, I did drawings in the sand and made patterns with what ever l could find, on the beach! So much fun being 4 again!
First image is of a simple flower shape ... just practicing! Then a flower with a stem and leaves!


Then just a shape!


Then a happy face with found feathers around its forehead! Then the last one just playing around again !


Then l decided to create some patterns using things found on the beach. I had some much fun creating these ! I particularly like the third image.



As most of you know l love lines and these lines, created by water fascinate me particularly. 

As l was walking along the beach, the waves threw up these two closed shells. I was looking at them after l had taken the photograph  ... when another wave came in and as the wave went out, the shells dug themselves into the sand so fast, l lost sight of them.  Amazing to see.

Leaving the beach l saw this palm tree. The view looking up is stunning l think. Definitely some thing to paint, l think.

This afternoon and evening l had a wonderful time, playing with my Cuttlebug machine. I am so glad l got rid of some clothes in my luggage, to bring it with me from London !! :)

As usual l made a mess but a beautiful mess l think!

Last week l watch a free video by Donna Downey, which was great. Love the lady and her art! While l was watching,  l did a quick 3 minute sketch of her. I am practicing my portrait sketching every day. Anyway l sent it to her and she wrote back "This is awesome!" much to my surprise. So l asked her if l could use it on Facebook and here and she said l could. So this is her sketch.  Then there are a few other 3 to 5 mins sketches.



The next two 5 mins sketches, are firstly my grandson on the beach and the second one is where we had lunch the day.


This last image is of rocks at MacManus Beach. They are just fantastic and magical in my view. You just wait till l show you their colours, in the next post! 

Well time l went to bed ... Good Night all. xx

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