Thursday, 14 February 2019

Art and Nature.

I left quite a lot of my Art behind, when l last left Australia 10 months ago! I re-found them when l came back a month a go! I never realised before how my mind works differently here in Australia, to UK. My creative mind seems to be freer here and l am able to be looser with my Art. Here are a few of my original creations from 10 months ago!

These are a few of the creations l have added to, since being here. I feel that my Art is going in a new directions, just not sure where to go from here. BUT give me time to think ........

One of the things l find so fascinating here is how Nature really reachs out to me. I am always interested in Nature in UK but some how here .... it seems so much stronger in my mind. Here are a few examples!





All these images have in one way or another, made an impression on my Art.

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