Wednesday, 3 October 2018

pure joy ... pavement slabs and the future of my Art!!!

This image is of my grandson, who was SO excited having played bumper cars, for the first time ever. He is showing pure joy! ...  something l think a lot of adults have forgotten how to do these days. It was such joy to watch him having so much fun.

 It started me thinking about my Art. Was l enjoying creating it or was that half the problem ...  l was experiencing at the moment? I am finding it hard to create Art and what l do create l am not happy with! I loved the faces l created but l was not sure where they were going.

A month or so ago, l went to an Exhibition in Tate Modern about Art and Photography. I came away from the exhibition fascinated with lines and patterns. I have always loved lines, l find cranes fascinating and there are some many very interesting, modern builds in London! 

I love the lines and shapes these buildings create. So many patterns merging before your eyes. The same is said about the shapes and patterns l see in Nature.

But what has been really been fascinating me lately, are the pavements and walls around me. Cracks, lines and holes really amazing shapes and patterns. 

So l have decided that what l really want to do is paint these patterns l am seeing, in the pavement slabs for example. I am starting to sketch the lines but have not decided what medium yet l am going to use. I am quite surprised that my Art is going this way BUT thats what l love about Art ... l am never really sure where it is leading me too!!  So watch this space.


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