Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Art, Depression and food! Ha!

Since l last did a blog, we have been having some amazing sunsets, in Putney. Here are just a few of them. The night sky has been anything from pink to turquoise to red through to golden, it has been amazing.

Now is the start of the fungi season and l have been having fun hunting them down. Some in the woods, some in the local parks and some just on street corners.

l have been creating a lot of Art lately, not on canvas but in my sketch books. I have been drawing in coffee shops .....

Looking at Mark Making ...

or in front of the TV! 

I have been having trouble with my depression again, mainly brought on with trying to copy with my Mother! What do you do, when someone who obviously needs help, refuses to take it ... except if it is free! Grrrrrr! l suppose you cannot make someone have help, if they don't want it but l feel l am letting my late father down, by NOT helping her. The whole family have now decided enough is enough and we need help BUT unless she gives in, there is going to me no help. Catch twenty two folks!

On a happier note ... isn't this dessert gorgeous? Look carefully ... there is actually no fork there! Ha ... great isn't it? :)


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