Sunday, 5 August 2018

Princess Diana"s memorial Children's Park,amazing night skies and my Yellow Line Project

Life for a lot of people is not good at present. In London where l am living, it is HOT and very humid. I am used to being hot, as l lived in such places as Singapore, Dubai, Papua New Guinea and the Bahamas but even l am finding it uncomfortable. I am loving the heat but my home is not equipped to deal with the high humidity ... and neither am l ! Ha! As you can see from the image below, from Kew Gardens, our countryside is suffering and struggling. I never thought l would hear myself say this but ... we need rain!

One of the nice side effects of these glorious days has been the evening skies. Perhaps at the moment l am not missing Sydneys' Summer weather after all. These three images were from last friday night! Stunning aren't they?

Another problem with having a drought, is the some cracks on pavements are getting wider or/and deeper. The other morning l was walking down Wildcroft rd to get to the bus stop, when my walking stick got stuck in one of the cracks on the pavement. No problems l thought, as l went to get my stick out of the crack. Unfortunately the crack in the pavement was deeper than l had realised and l just kept going down the crack. I was surprised how far my stick went down. I was just glad l was able to steady myself, otherwise it could have been quite dangerous. AND yes l have let the Council know ... what good it will do, as they have no money to spare. End of rant! :)

On Saturday Tony and l went to meet up with our daughter Jenny, her Godson Oscar and his mum Sam. We all met up at Princess Diana's Memorial Park, where there is an amazing play ship. 

I have not been here for at least 8 years and boy was l in for a surprise. I will try and find an image from when l was there before, so l can show you why l was so shocked, next time l blog! I was working for a family as a  Doula and used to take the baby for walks here. I pushed the baby in one of those gorgeous old "proper" prams.  l was forever being harassed by Japanese tourists, asking me to let them take pictures of us! No way. Anyway l was in for quite a shock ... boy has it changed and for the good. This amazing tree greets you at the outside of the park.

It even has it's own scooter park! Brilliant. The security for this place appears fantastic. To enter you have to go through a gate, which is covered by a security guard. I have an experience that proves it works. As Jenny and l were going out through this gate, we notice the guard was talking to a little girl of around 2or 3 ish. She had lost her mummy and didn't know where she was and was trying to go out through the gate. So me being me ...! ... offered to leave my bag with him and take the little girl to try and find her mum. She was quite upset, poor little thing. Any way l got her name out of her and some other information. Apparently mummy was always carrying a baby round!!! Anyway eventually we found mum and baby but she didn't seem to be that worried ... that was until l told her that her daughter had been trying to get outside the gate!!! until that moment, l don't think she had taken it seriously.

Through and up one of the many paths around the Park ... and there she is. The Ship!

And in the "hold" you will find Jenny, Sam and Oscar playing in the sand!

Above and looking in to the "hold". Aye Aye Captain!

There were several ways on and of the ship ... l liked this one best. And wow that mast was high. It was quite hard climbing it, especially if the older children were pushing past the younger ones. It was also not that easy to climb down . Defiantly the child needed to be at least 6 or 7 in my view and confident with it.

This little "boat " was a great hit with children young and old, boys or girls.

There was a closed in area with 3 tee-pees in it. I can just image how much fun a Kinder Garden group could have sitting in one of these. And considering the heat, l found sitting in one quite cool. I was very surprised, to say the least. The area supplied shaded places for the adults to sit and watch too.

The images below show the water and stones area. Cool place to be today! There was an amazing stone assembled crocodile too

I had never seen something like this before, Can you see the "thing" on this little girl's wrist? Well believe it for not ... it is a small battery operated fan! Isn't that cool!!!  l think.....  :)

Oh my feet enjoyed the sand and water. Just like being back on Bondi Beach. Ah memories, memories:)

Pumping water  ... knew parents would come in handy round here, at some point!!!  Climbing wooden platforms was fun too.  So much fun fro the children to experience.

The children digging beside this small boat, found a Dinosaur bone! Great excitement. On further inspection l think l decided it was a piece of wood but l was not going to spoil their fun.

The next two images are off one of the villages. I thought they were so cute!

Look what l found on a seat in one of those huts. A lucky star maybe?

 Oscar was bought an ice-cream, lolly pop by his mum. When l asked if l could have a biet , this is what he said.
"Nanna you are not allowed ice-cream, so l will turn around so you can not see the lolly"
And that's what he did ... so cute and very funny!

Little monkey!

While we were having a coffee, a 6 year old was having a "Fairy" party. They were all dressed up very beautifully, l was very impressed.

This was my gorgeous daughter playing hide and seek with her rascal Godson Oscar! So cute!

On my way home l found this. I don't know if you remember me telling you about my "Yellow Line" Project? Basically l photography unusual or interesting things on the road's yellow lines! Well l find it interesting! Ha! I thought the yellow paper on this flattened can went really well with yellow of the line. Well worth catching this image, l thought to myself.

On one last note ... saw this on an electricity box, by The British Museum and thought it interesting ... what do you think?

Night all ... way post my bedtime, l got too engrossed in writing this blog!! :)

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