Sunday, 12 August 2018

Candles, Kew Gardens and circles.

Hello ... my wonderful 3 followers! This morning I was carrying on putting our flat back together, after all the workmen have finally gone. And to cheer myself up, l lit one of my gorgeous, smelly orange candles. Well l knew there was not much wax left but l thought l would just use the last bit up. I suddenly realised there was a lot of very black smoke coming from the glass jar, in my studio. So l quickly put the lid on. l was fascinated to watch the jar suddenly fill up with all this smoke, that looked just like fog!. The colour of the melted wax was gorgeous.

I took the lid off to look inside the jar and all this swirling white smoke began to pour out. Opps ... put the lid back on very quickly.

Here you can see the smoke has started to evaporate but the wick is VERY burnt and black. Time to say good buy to this candle l think. Sad!

A few days or so ago Tony and l met our our daughter Jenny, in Kew gardens for the day. We also had my surrogate Grandson and my daughter's Godson Oscar along for the ride! One of the reasons Oscar wanted to come, was because he had a few more dragons to find! Ha! "Here be dragons" is the currant exhibition going on in Kew Gardens. Oscar found 4 last visit and he had 3 more to find.

Now were is that last Dragon? Perhaps this squirrel will lead Oscar to it!

Ha Ha ... found the last one.

Then we went off to find the Woodland House but unfortunately it was not open just yet! I think it is a fascinating looking building and can't wait until it is open to the public.

We had lots of fun walking and running around the gardens . Saw lots of groups of geese feeding on what little grass there was around.  


As you can see from the picture of the Pagoda, where there used to be grass on the long walk to this amazing building ... now there is none.The grass is brown and very dead!! We need rain and luckily over the last few days, a week since this image was taken ... it has rain almost non stop for days. Yeh! never thought l would be so pleased to see rain as l am now! The great Pagoda was finished being built in 1762! It is a 10 storey octagonal building almost 50 meters high. We can always see it for ages before we actually get to Kew Gardens. 


This swan was "grooming" itself beside the pond and in front of this beautiful creature was a bench. So l couldn't possible walk past ... could l ? So for about 10 mins or so, l just sat and watched this beautiful bird and it was so very calm making. Such a beautiful experience. I also took a video because l was fascinated how thorough the bird was and didn't want to forget it and also wanted it to help me draw it later.. 

Lets go into the Victorian Palm House, which has a rainforest climate and see what catches Oscar's attention.

Look what caught his attention... "Durian
This is what this plant is called ... l wonder if it has a shortened version of it's name! 
Then we both found this flower and even though it has holes in it and is obviously dying ... we both thought it was beautiful. l am in the middle of drawing it, will show you it, when l have finish drawing this flower .

Then we did some wandering around the place. I lost Oscar for a few seconds, then l heard him laughing! We were walking through the tropical area and the mist sprinkles had started to go off. He loved the sprays and then started dancing and laughing all up and down the walk way! :) It was so much fun to watch him.

Snack time. So we went of in search of a cafe.We sat outside for our coffees and of course, his lordship had to draw! :) More pages in MY sketchbook used up :)

There were loads of dying flowers and leaves on the ground. At first we saw bees on the ground and they looked as if they were dying, maybe because it had suddenly turned very chilly. But after a closer look, we discover they were crawling from each flower to get their pollen ...  really surprised us.

Then we decided to go and visit the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world, which has just reopened. It is a Grade l listed building and is huge.

Isn't this the most amazing plant ... forgot to find out it's name but it fascinates me! I sort of expect it to move or start to walk, as if it was a hand puppet! :)

Inside this glasshouse there is a spiral staircase and a balcony that goes all around the main building. We found out that there was going to be an acrobatic performance, in the centre of the glasshouse. But l decided to go up to the walk round balcony ... BUT that meant climbing the spiral staircase! I am getting stronger but my balance and fitness still has a long way to go. So this was a bit of a challenge for me! But yeh l did it! Phew! The view was great from above and the performance was amazing. Going back down was a bit difficult ... ! Can you see the image of the balcony and see a huge queue of people? That is the people trying to get down the "down staircase! So for once l was a naughty girl !!! There was no queue to get up the "up staircase " so l decided to go down it!!! Ha!

The image below is so funny. Oscar decided that because he had a green jacket on and the fence is green ... so he thought we couldn't see him! :)

These two images are of the beautiful night sky, three nights ago. Stunning.

Have a lovely Monday and enjoy your coming week. :)

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