Tuesday, 31 July 2018


                             The Exhibition

So excited on Friday... going to spend the day up in Central London, visiting the Royal Academy"s Summer Exhibition!!! This year it has been curated by Grayson Perry ... which should be interesting! As you approach the Gallery, hung across the street are these amazing flags, created by Grayson Perry himself. I think they are fun, very colourful and amusing. 

Here are two of the flags/banners by Grayson.

There is much to see before you even get into the museum. This is one of two gorgeous gates that greet you, as you approach the main entrance. I think they are soooooo gorgeous.

Then, as you walk through the archway, you can start to see what is in the courtyard. The first thing that  struck me was this amazing red disk.

Then l realised there was something below it.

The surfaces were amazing and such textures.

The adventure begins :)

The image of the figure below, was made to settle an artistic debate ( in 1801) between sculptor Thomas Banks RA and painters Benjamin West RA and Richard Conway RA. They believed that most artists paintings didn't accurately show the effects of a crucifixion. So believe it or not, they obtained a freshly hung corpse and nailed it to a cross, while it was still warm! Once rigorous mortis had set in, a surgeon removed the skin and then the sculptor made a plaster cast of the flayed body! Yuck! They found out later that the "corpse" was of a Chelsea Pensioner called James Legg. Apparently, he shot one of his colleagues in an argument. He was in his 70's and it is said he was possibly suffering from dementia ... poor man!

There is one small gallery to visit first and as soon as you walk in, you have no doubt who it is really about !!! 
The man/woman him/herself.

Then, on to the big main galleries. The last few times l have been l have not really enjoyed the experience. Mainly because the rooms seemed "dull" and there were too many paintings on the wall and in no particular order. But l thought l would give it a try again this year and see if it was any different. Wow was it. Brightly covered walls; the pictures were not tightly squeezed together; and, not all the way up to the top of the walls. The atmosphere was very different and much more fun! The first thing you saw when you went in was this amazing piece of Art work. I could have stood for ages just looking at it all. What amazing work and so interesting with all the different materials and textures. One problem l did have with the exhibition was the way they told you who created the piece, you were looking at. Each piece had a number by it and then you had to look in a book which was given to you, when you entered the Exhibition. I found it all too much of a nuisance! And, what is worse, l seem to have misplaced the little yellow book in the chaos of our current home renovations since l came home. If l find it before l post this blog, i will try and tell you who all these artists are!! Sorry!

I am just going to show the paintings or sculptures l like or dislike! i will make comments about some of them.

Loved these two. Think they go well together. Would love them in my house but l think my husband would object! ha! ... poor Tony!

I have no idea why this painting and then print sold so many times. May be if l found out who the artist was, l would understand better!! I must remember the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and not be so dismissive! :)

Don't know why l love this rope sculpture so much but l do!

This makes me smile and brings back happy memories. 

Guess what this face is made off ? Eggshells! Brilliant!


The galleries below will show you how bright and colourful they are and the fact you can actually see the paintings! 

?... Some art l really don't understand!

Love these horses, mules or donkeys!


So then l decided l need to draw ... SO ... found a painting l liked, sat on the floor and drew! Much to some people's amusement. Actually, l found the fact there was no one else drawing quite strange. Go to Tate Modern and you see children, students and adults drawing all the time! So started off slowly and drew these two paintings, both by the artist John Wragg RA.

Then l decided to really test myself ... gulp. I really enjoyed this challenge. I have realised that the face could be slimmer but, nevertheless, l am proud of the eyes. Lots of people actually commented on the likeness, so l was quite chuffed! :)


Time for some more Art. l think the medium for this is bars of soap, but l love what the artist has done to them .

This next piece l would love to have on my wall. I could look at it for ever. Magical. Needless to say it had Sold!

Just LOVED these dogs made up of everything.....stunning. I want them at the entrance to my flat! That would cause a stir, l can tell you! :)


Then l went and had a well earned cup of coffee and ending up talking for hours, with a lady who  keeps Alpacas! We talked Art, animals, family, you name it we talked about it. It was great. I was thinking l wish we had swopped emails BUT l then began wondering. Sometimes l think l am too desperate for friends. I suppose it is because l only have one or two. Why can't l just meet someone, chat, have a great time and then each go our own way? What do you think about always needing to make friends with everyone you meet?


The first image is what the cafe, out the front of the Museum looked like when l went in ... The second image is what most of it looked like when l came out, 4 hours later! There had been thunderstorms, gales and rain ... and l had not been aware of any of it! Ha!


I had an amazing time just doing what l felt like, when l felt like doing it. I am so used to doing everything with Tony ( which is fun x) but l had forgotten about ME time. I missed having him to chat to but enjoyed my "freedom" if you like. I have decide to give myself at least "one date time" a week. It could be a Museum visit, an Art gallery visit, a walk in the woods or just a wander to somewhere new. I had forgotten how important it to make sure my creative instincts are satisfied. I knew l should be doing it but somehow something else usually gets in the way. 
One of the reasons stopping me was my grandson in Australia. Yes, l know that sounds weird. But, actually, l was so concentrating on not spending money, thinking about how I might get there sooner that l forgot to have fun. Do you understand? or, is it me being weird, as usual! Ha!   So, we will see if l actually keep to the plan! :) 


  1. Thank you for your wonderful and interesting virtual trip to The Sumner Exhibition. It is on my bucket list. I watch the TV programme about it each year and one year I will get there. You did a great job.

  2. This first comment was by the lovely Veronica Cooke x


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