Wednesday, 18 July 2018

QUITE A DAY TODAY. My Art, my students art and an evening out in Ham Green and Richmond Park.

This is one of my Art Classes, involves 3 children aged from 4 to 7 years of age. This week they were making books from card, using stamps and poster paints. The older child used a hole punch and then sewed her book together herself. Then something happened that l find with every child that is allowed to use a hole punch. They become addicted! Ha! This was a one hole punch and she decided to punch holes on two pages and then use a thread to join all the holes together.

But she was not over using the hole punch. There was a paper towel on the table ... so that had to have holes in it too and then she sewed them into a star shape.  So pleased that she developed an Art experiment for herself. 

These are my latest "continuous line" drawing for a course l am doing. I am having so much fun. They are so addictive! the first image was an image of someone l saw on Facebook. the others are either in coffee shops or on busses.

Then l needed a quick chance and so l drew a vulture. Why??? I have no idea! Ha!

Today Tony and l decided enough was enough and we needed an evening out. The flat work or rather the lack of it, is driving us slight insane! :) So once Tony had picked me up from my last client ... off we went. Yippee! First of all we went through Richmond Park and there are just SO many amazing trees in the Park . These are just two of my favourites but l have thousands! Ha!

Wish l could remember the name of this "weed". I know it is poisonous to some animals but l still thing the "yellow" is just so amazing. Especially when the whole area is cover ... stunning.

We decided to go out of Ham Gate and look for somewhere to go for a drink. And look what we found on the way....... a pair of swans and their goslings.

They are so cute.

As you can see from the above image, the lake is covered in green algae. The poor swans are suffering because of it, as are the poor ducks . You can see the green algae on the ducks feathers and his bead.

And look what l found ... Loads of White Feathers and some interesting other feathers too!

This is where we had our "exciting" evening out!!! The very old fashioned Ham Green.

 It is a funny think, Tony and l are on a low carbohydrate diet and also because all the tabs we are on ... alcohol is really a no no. But tonight we decided l could have a wine spritzer! You would not believe how drunk l felt ... ha!
We then decided we would drive home back through Richmond Park, to see if we could see any deer. As usual the road through the park, was full of cyclists as well as the usual cars.

Then l saw what l thought were antlers. And as we got closer l was so pleased to see several deer. What l was especially excited about was seeing an animal l had seen often but never been able to photograph. A black deer. Yeh!

Well after that exciting evening, it is time for bed! Night all ...where ever you are my friends. x

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  1. The line drawings are beautiful... so are the stags - sorry that I always refuse to stop but I am a stickler for regulations, as you know. I am a coward and hate the thought of being told off. So, I'll not mention the dyslexic moments in your narrative... Perhaps the Swans are foster parents but I am fairly convinced that those goslings look astonishingly similar to cygnets... ;) xx


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