Thursday, 5 July 2018

Paintings, shadows and my life goes on!!!!

In January of this year, l joined a group on Facebook called Project 52. It was created to encourage it's members to create at least a painting , a piece of jewellery, a drawing or maybe a sculpture a week, for the whole year. It was to  encourage us to create a memorable portfolio.  So l decided l would try my hand at something other than my acrylic paintings.  So l choose watercolours and l have became hooked on this medium. I decided to try and paint the figures l see in  my dreams. Yes l know ... they are weird but here is a story behind each image! Now all l have to do is learn how to sell them and where???? Help!

For the last 6 weeks l have been covering Maternity Leave for an After-School Art teacher. It has been a lot of fun and l have really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot in the process. Below are 3 of the acrylic paintings l did to explain some painting techniques to the students. I did each one in about 6 mins! :)

I have been thinking lately that as l lived in the UK now, my images would not be as exciting as my thousand images from overseas. Then the other night l had a light bulb moment. Ok... l know London and other parts of the UK but others don't . Many people think London as overseas and an exciting place to be. So .... l thought l would show you our trip up to Central London to see our daughter, Jenny , whom we met for coffee  at the British Museum. We travel by train and l am always fascinated at all the different buildings we see on this journey. London has an amazing array of buildings, in so many themes , styles and colours. Old and Modern!

This newspaper stand shows you, some of the many languages that are spoken here, in London!

I love going to The British Museum but l also love going there because it means l can sneak into one of my favourite Art shops. Blade Rubber sells stamps, stencils, paper, books, magazines and so much more. My husband dreads the bill when he knows that is where l have been!! :)

I can't remember if it was the bookshop next door to my Art shop or the shop next to that but l love these two pieces of Art! Just my sense of humour too as well as style!


The first thing that caught my eye as l entered the Museum, was this gentleman. His dish-dash was so white and perfect and  l couldn't stop staring at the poor man He seemed to radiant and at peace with the world.. Beautiful.


Just love these sculpture. I just wish they were lower, so l could really examine them.

The was the window of a coffee shop, and I just loved it ... a bit cheeky but  really made us smile!

We decided to walk to the train instead of taking a bus. We discovered this Memorial Park, which never knew was here !  Apart from lots of picnics and people just resting. There seemed to be people using it in all sorts of ways!

This hut seems to somehow look a little magical. As though it could be a tardis or something out of a Harry potter novel!! :)  

This image of our walk across the Hungaford Bridge, over the Thames , shows you how crowded it was. 

I have always loved shadows and this one l caught, i think is great. When Oscar ( aged 4) came over the other week, he was fascinated with shadows. He kept trying to understand why his shadow was in front of him at one point and then behind him another time. Why shadows always seemed under prams and cars had shadows on the side of them and so on ? It was an interesting weekend, trying to answer all his questions!! i going to turn this image into a painting, l think.

My flat at the moment, is a total mess. Due to having to replace our whole water and heating system,( due to old boilers!) we decided to go the whole hog and paint the flat too. Phew! I don't think we realised how much it would disrupt our lives or rather l didn't !!! I have had to pack up all my "stuff" as my husband calls it. I hate to admit it, BUT l do seem to have a lot of "stuff". I am now really looking at it all and trying to decide what do l really need???  I can't get rid of these sculptures. I made them in Papua New Guinea and there are a lot of memories attached to them. Just after l had made them, a local friend of my mine, saw them and said the following. 
" Wow Lynda, l didn't you know you knew my grandmother"? I replied 
" I don't know her".
" Oh ! so how do you know she looks like that and especially her huge feet?". 
Ha! so you see that is why l can't let them go. Memories....sigh!

To finish l want to show you a painting, done by one of my after-school club children. l think it is gorgeous.  The 6 year old student painted himself underneath a chandelle, at his grandparents in Russia. Quite powerful l think.

Night all.

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