Sunday, 15 July 2018

paintings, a gorgeous white horse, nature,my drawings and the British Museum.

I know that hardly anyone reads my blog but l shall carry on any way! I am enjoying writing this blog, and you never know, l might suddenly get a thousand followers overnight! Ha!
Today l taught one of my amazing students, she is six and a half years old. This is her "loose poster paint" painting image. It is lovely and she really looked at every angle of the figures.  I bought these figures in Papua New Guinea, made by one of the local tribes people. They were meant to be for the garden but l have always kept them indoors.

The image below, is one where she was practicing continuous line drawing. She also was practicing drawing circles with her dominant and non-dominant hand. She is very good but then she has been practicing every morning. Good girl ... all this and think she is only six and a half years old!

Tony and l went for a walk on Friday pm, through Putney Heath woods. We were very lucky to meet one of the wardens, on his beautiful horse. 

Two days ago, Tony had told me the he had seen some amazing fungi, high up on a tree. He even took a picture to prove it to me but unfortunately you cannot see them, the fungi very easily. So on Friday he took me to where he had seen them. Oh ... they had already started to die but still interesting to look at.


I love looking for insects to photograph. I found this fly on these wild flowers, it is so small. I managed to get close to the fly but it was not really near enough. So l played around with it for a while on my computer. I rather like the end product ...  red eyes ... gorgeous!

Think someone was having fun with these stones ? Love the colour blue of these stones.

Today, Sunday was a trip uptown to Central London. I had promised Tony that we would go and see the Rodin Exhibition at The British Museum. So today was the day, as it is nearly the end of it's run. We went up by train and then by bus from Waterloo to the Museum.

I know this homeless person has a roof over his/her head but it still makes me worry for them. 

This is all to do with the march " Find your Voice" the other day . Love the "art" these marches seem to create in people.

In the British Museum there is an exhibition called Life and Death. One of the exhibits is all about the medicines we take over the years. The first time l saw it must be at least 15 years ago and it still has an amazing effect on me now. Worth going to see if you are near!

The Kiss ... still love this sculpture.

Oh! ... the Thinker .... how many men do l know that try and look like this!!!!  :)

Me just proving l am at the Museum in front of the Thinker! :)

I did do one small sketch at the Museum. Was fun !

This is amazing Rodin ... Tense left hand. Between 1880 and 1890 Rodin modelled over 200 hands. He was exploring their expressive potential. This hand takes on a demonic life of it's own.

Just love this marble head of a horse.

I left Tony in the Museum and went over to one of my favourite Art and Craft shops Rubber Blades. These are a few of the things l bought ... shhh ... don't tell Tony! :)

We went home on the No.14 bus and one of the things l saw where these banners. They are outside The Royal Academy and were created by Grayson Perry RA

Love this one !

On another note ... I have been practicing my continuous line drawing. Here are a few of them and l have to admit they are addictive. :)

As l was going out today, look what l saw in our doorway. They are gorgeous aren't they?

And on that note ... night all. x

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  1. A good day. Recommended to see the relationship between Rodin's output and the classical source of his inspiration and technique. But, it is still worth a visit to his dedicated Museum in Paris... (And, what about Carpeau? ;) )


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