Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Gel plate cards, plants and self esteem.

 Hi everyone.

I have been having some fun lately with my Gelli plate. I needed to make some cards for my after-school children. I have been teaching them for 6 weeks and now it has all come to an end. Sigh! I really enjoyed teaching them and they were a great group of children. So l wanted to create a goodbye card for each child. Even if there were brothers and sisters in the same group, l wanted to give each child their own card. Here are two of those 64 cards l ended up creating. As l warn anyone who buys a Gelli plate ... beware they are addictive! :) It is so much fun.

I have been looking a lot lately at "lines" in plants. That may seem strange but l have really become intrigued with all the straight lines there are in Nature. The plant below is a prime example. I love it when it is in full bloom and so colourful. But some how when it is beginning to die, l find it even more fascinating. I am trying to draw it at the moment and will upload them, when l have finished the page. Not easy l can tell you!

I am also drawing and beginning to paint this image. All those straight line and from a distance it looks white in colour. But get nearer and there are many colours.

And the last image is of these spikes ... they look strong and brutal but actual they are quite soft and flexible. They are next on my sketch list.

I have never had much self-esteem but l am learning to become stronger. Learning to listen your inner child is really important, especially to me. My family, that is my husband and 2 gorgeous children, have always said, that the reason l get on so well with children, is l am really only 4 years old! Funny side apart. When l was between 4 and 5 years of age, l came back to the UK from living in Singapore. My dad was in the R.A.F and while we were there, he was away a lot. As l have said before in this blog, l was looked after most of the time, by a nanny, Raymar, who was Malay.  When it was time to come back to UK, instead of a long ship journey, we came back on a plane. I wonder what was going through my mind at that time? Raymar was like a mum to me and l don't suppose l understand l would never see her again! Anyway to cut a long, complicated story short, l didn't speak much English, l had to wear lots of clothes for the first time, l had never been cold before and l didn't like the food. Apparently my "Welsh" family didn't like me because l seemed different. Remember this was around 1956/7 and l looked brown, which was not excepted as easily in those days. So from my mum always telling me she didn't want me, to people in my own family not understanding me, it was not easy. I also had a hard time at school. I am very dyslexic but in those days, people just thought you were stupid.  We were a Military family that moved every 2 years or so and each new school l went to, couldn't be bother to help me ... so l really had no primary schooling at all! So not much scope for feeling proud about myself. Anyway, over the last few months l have been working hard to :
  1.  Starting to look at all the things l have done in my life that are positive.
  2.  l am trying NOT to listen to my negative voice, which has always been such a big part of my life.
  3. I am very seriously looking to get my Art out there again. When l came home from our last posting, l went out to galleries thinking l could sell my Art as normal. Wow did l get that wrong. Where as l had sold my Art all over the world before ... the places l tried in London ...No way! Rejection after rejection. I was stupid to let it affect me so much but l did not pick up a paintbrush for another 4 years!  Years later l went to Art School. Not because l really wanted to but l found that all the jobs l went for, required that piece of paper!!!! 
  4. This image was part of my degree show.
So ...  l am going to really try and get my Art out there and not mind the rejects. After all, Art is meant to be fun, after all ... Yes!
On that positive night ... have a good Monday tomorrow and start the week off right. xx

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