Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Football thought, Blood test, London and 100 aeroplanes, my new students and flowers in the throws of death!

Well ... I am not a football fan but l did watch the semi-finals of the World Cup tonight. I couldn't help but get involved in the match. I shouted, l cringed and l felt sad BUT l am still proud of the lads even though we lost! They were amazing all through the matches and for such a young team ... very relaxed BUT tonight l think they lost it to stress. Their manager is an amazing gentleman. The lads did seem to be together as a team and it is something l have never seen before. I have always felt there were "players" and there were players. This squad seemed to be all players together and very down to earth. Just like their Manager. NEXT TIME lads.

 I have my 6 monthly blood test tomorrow, to look at my sugar levels, for my Diabetes ! Fingers crossed for me for a week's time, when l get my results. I have changed the way l eat, thanks to Tony. No wheat which means no bread. I am also not eating pasta, rice or potatoes. But l am eating cauliflower couscous instead of rice for example. Sweet pots instead of potatoes and lots and lots of veg, especially broccoli and Brussels Spouts.  I can eat Strawberries and Blueberries but not pineapple or bananas because of their sugar content! sigh!   I am beginning to loose weight . I started off at Christmas at 11 stones 6 ozs. I have been stuck since the beginning of June, when l fell. I was going up and down, between 11stone and 10 stone.13ozs.  But now l am slowly loosing again. I am walking more and hopefully going to re-start at the gym again soon. I weighed myself this morning ... was so pleased ... 10stone.10ozs ... and so my story continues. :)

Yesterday Tony and l went up to Central London to see the RAF's 100 plane flyover.  It was amazing and l am so glad we went. Yes, we could have seen the planes properly if we had watched the TV but the atmosphere outside Buckingham Palace was amazing. I saw the Queen and many of the Royal Family, on the balcony. It's the first time l had seen the Queen, for "real". So wish my Dad had been there to see it. When the Hercules went over, I was very emotional.  Dad spent 3 months over  in the States in the 70's, training and then bringing one of the first Hercules over, here to the UK.
Our journey up to town, was not an easy one. We went by bus, instead of the tube because l hate being underground. There were so many road works and the bus stopped before the expected end, but l still loved it. Even though l have been by bus, hundreds of times, l still enjoy the ride!

This building is still standing but not much work seems to be going on.  Even though it just "stands" there, l think it is so artistic

As you can see, it is not only our bus that seems to be having trouble. There were queues of buses every where!

Then we started to see the security that was around for this event. I was a little worried that we may have problems with terrorists but l was still going to go because otherwise they have won!

I have not been past this Monument for months. It is to commemorate the New Zealanders that fell and were involved in the 2nd World War. It is very moving and beautiful.

Then we were watched by the armed police and joined the "parade" going towards Buckingham Palace.

There were hundreds of white buses, you can see they are double parked. We were very confused as who would they were transport for! As we eventually reached the end of the bus queue, it became obvious, it was transport for the RAF. That's a lot of people!!

I think these two gentlemen must have been involved in the 2nd World War themselves. Bless them. 

There were so many people there before us, which quite a surprised to Tony. He thought there would really hardly any interest. He was wrong for once!!! :)

Tony waiting patiently for the event to start, he has so much more than me! :)

When someone opened the barriers in front of us, l just had to go and see if l could see what was actually happening on the parade ground. This is as far as l got!!  At one point, there were several gunshots, l almost had a heart attack and then there were some more! Tony was very surprised and couldn't think why they had been performed. As he is ex-Army he should know. Confusing!

RAF cadets getting in on the act! 

I was not the only one have problems trying to get photographs!!

Oh and then it all kicked off! The Queen was on the Balcony ... Let the fun begin!

Then it was the Red Arrows. But they went so fast over head, l just caught the smoke! :)

On our way home, l spied this on the wall by Clapham Junction Tube Station. I think is great, never noticed it before.   

I started teaching some new Art Classes this week. They are 4 years old, 5 years old and a 7 years old girls. For their first session, we worked with paper, printed or made by me, to look at how to make collages. I think they did very well.

I have always been and still am, very fascinated by Death. I am starting to look at dying and dead flowers. I am drawing and painting them. In some cases l think they look better dead than fresh! When l have finished some, l will put them on here. 

So it is after 11pm and l have to be up at 8.30 tomorrow ... so off to bed l go. Night all.

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