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Picasso Exhibition, line drawings, after-school club Picasso's sunflowers and Dubai weddings in the 1980

On Sunday, Tony and l went to view The Picasso Exhibition in Tate Modern.  We decided to go by car, rather than on a bus or train.  First the challenge of finding somewhere to park on the street when we got there. We gave up after a cursory tour and found a formal carpark in this intriguing building. Weird but fascinating at the same time. I thought it would be an amazing place for an Art Exhibition!!

I loved this hanging cloth even if it was 'just rubbish'! It was what gave me the idea about using this place for an exhibition!

Having parked the car, we discovered free parking on our way to the gallery! Well at least we will know for next time. On our way, we saw quite a few interesting things. One was this amazing, origami "bird's of peace" hanging ... must be at least over 100 birds. Fantastic.

We remember that this statue was originally electric powered, gesturing automatically. For some reason it no longer does that. Shame! It was quite windy on Sunday; for the first time l suddenly realised the figure's clothes were actually made of cloth. Who knew!

When l first walked into the exhibition, l saw these boys. They were there with an artist who takes children for guided tours in Museums. I was very impressed with her teaching.

I love the simplicity of some of Picasso's drawings.

This was a drawing l did of one of the "head" sculptures. I was drawing besides a 12 year old boy! No pressure then! :)

I had never seen this painting before ... Woman in a chair , l think...  and really loved it. So l did a quick 5 min drawing. It is so simple but complicated at the same time, l also love the colours..

I just love this painting: its colour, its simplicity and yet it is quite complex. The subject is a girl looking at her reflection in a mirror. I just drew the face. When l got home l decided l would do a more complicated painting at my leisure. I am going to use the painting as a starting point and go from there!!

When we had finished the Picasso Exhibition, l decided to go and see some of the "free" galleries. Here are a few of the things l saw.

This was a "carpet" wall and it was fun using your finger to make marks on it.

The following fabric pieces are just amazing. The exhibition was about using everyday things for your Art Making!

Love the shadows on this "wool" sculpture.

I really enjoyed this artist Nazgol Ansarinia's work. Very simple but very, very interesting to me. I spent 6 years in Dubai from 1980, so really was interesting to watch. Would love to see more of her work.

I have for the last year or so spent time mending clothes instead of throwing them away. Sewing, darning and so on. This exhibition was a great one to see, made me think of using some of my mending as an Art Exhibition ... um thinks!!

I have always been fascinated by buildings that appear to be just "lines". These buildings fit the bill. I have been playing around with lines and maybe l will show some on here, at a later date!

I have used this last image to start off my latest drawing. I turned it into b/w because l find it is easier to work with in that way.


As many of you know, until 6th July l am teaching an after-school Art Class for a lady who is expecting her 2nd baby. This week we are looking at Picasso's sunflower painting.

 I explained to the children that we were going to do the same painting but the colours would be different. I explained to them they could use green plus 3 other colours. I explained to them the basics and how to draw the flowers in different ways. I showed them the coloured picture and then gave them each a b/w image of the same painting. We then talked about where the flowers were and l drew a circle round each flower, because I found it gave them a better understanding of the composition of the painting.

Here is a sample of the amazing work some of my students, aged between just 4 and 8 years old, produced.

This painting is quite amazing. The young lady painted a red, transparent glass vase and a tablecloth. The sunflowers were apparently 'in bud'.  The other thing that made me smile, was that only 2 of the students in this 7 student class, knew what a tablecloth was!!!!!

This is the image l painted in about 6 mins, while the children were doing their own. They found it interesting that l could paint as well!!! Believe me it is stressful painting something they might think is ok!!  :)

The last few images are of the time l spent in Dubai in the 80's. I decided to show these images after seeing Nazgol Ansarinia work. 

I was really lucky to be invited to a local wedding. It was connected to the Ruling family, as l helped start, and worked as the first teacher, in a school for handicapped children. The school was called Asseef School. I feel a bit guilty because l was allowed to take the images as long as l only showed them to women. l usually tell men to wear a skirt before they view them!!! This was a party to celebrate the wedding. Lots of music and dancing and mostly the women of the family. This was one of many parties before the actual main wedding day.

I was always surprised that many of the weddings went on for 3 or more days, depending how rich the families involved were. Something l felt was very strange, was how many of the weddings had  the bride wearing a European white wedding dress on the last evening party ... very weird!. The following images are of a beautiful wedding that l was very lucky to attend. Just stunning.
 I was lucky enough to attend at least 6 wedding while l lived in Dubai. Two of them were senior members of the ruling families in Dubai and of Abu Dhabi.

That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and if you did please follow me and tell your friends.

Night all xx


  1. So pleased I’ve found you again Lynda.l look forward to seeing more of your photos.


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