Thursday, 21 June 2018

New tabs, grandchildren, my art, shrines and the fish Market in Dubai, 1980's style!

I thought l would start this blog on a high note and show you my three gorgeous grandchildren. The first image is of our gorgeous grandchild  ( he is now 2 ) who lives in Australia :(    Then the next ones are our surrogate grandchildren, who are 9 and 4 years old respectively. They live  in London with their mum, dad and grandparents.

Ever since l came back to live in the Uk, l have been thinking about shrines in trees. No idea why but l am fascinated by the thought. I have had so many ideas but never actually created any of them. I do wonder how the wardens of Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common would view them though. There are so many wonderful, huge trees that are so old and have amazing "holes" in them. It seems a pity to see them empty but also ...  what a waste! :)

 I am not a religious person but l am spiritual. I have played around with "loads of things" made from found objects or rubbish. Below is something l made many years ago for an exhibition in college. I think it was titled something like " Weird and Wonderful". l used found objects that l had discovered in graveyards, of all places!  At the moment l am thinking of looking at old wives tales, myths and folk tales to do with forests and Green Man stories. Time will tell.

When l was in Australia,  visiting my son and his family l only had a small space to create in. Also my son was not in favour of my acrylic paints in the house!! Say no more!! So l decided, as l took my then "baby" grandson  for walks everyday, that is where l would start looking for inspiration. I hit on the idea of taking rubbings of interesting surfaces and creating drawings of the journeys l took each day. At that time we were living by Bondi Beach and every day was fun! I had a long roll of paper that l decided to use, to begin with anyway. Below is the start. Perhaps everyday l will show you another image. I did the process for 6 months ... l thought it was very interesting and lots of fun. Perhaps one day l will find someone / somewhere to display it!

During my last visit to Australia, my son and his family moved up to Central Coast from Eastern Beaches, as Sydney is just SO expensive in every way.  The house they have bought is lovely and has great views but is on top of one of the many hills in that area. 


The new home is nowhere near a coffee shop. As l can no longer drive, l have to rely on my son or husband to drive me around ... grrrr! But the area has amazing wooded areas and is only 10 or 15 mins away from some awesome beaches.

While l was watching and playing with my grandson, l often wanted to draw but was too busy being a "plaything" so l decided to create Art with what ever was around. See below! What was an unexpected pleasure was my grandson wanting to "play Art" too! :)

When l was last having problems with my depression, l found it hard to stand and paint in my studio. Why? I have no idea. But l did find l could draw with felt tipped pens. I sat during the day or evening and just crayoned! I couldn't do my usual Art, perhaps because l couldn't think straight. People worried me and whenever l went into my studio l felt threatened! Who can understand what causes these thoughts? They are powerful and can destroy you. 

I have no idea why this drawing and colouring seemed to settle my mind and my fears.  I found it so satisfying and creative at the same time. It meant where ever l was ... l could create! 



This went on for about seven months but gradually the depression lifted and life became easier. 

On the subject of depression, l told my doctor three weeks ago,  l didn't think my tabs were working for me any more. Also my husband had been reading recently the new NHS list of the best depression tabs out there. Mine were on the bottom of the list!! 

We discussed how l felt about my tabs; what l was unhappy with; and if l could change my tabs. l decided l wanted to change. My doctor and l talked about how it would all work. For one week l had to halve my dosage then l could start on the new ones. Boy oh boy ... that week was not fun! Then when l started the new tabs l was worried but excited at the same time. I had expected and been told by my doctor, that it would take 3 weeks, in general, for me to feel any benefit. Well ... 3 days and the difference started to show. I began to feel happy and people began to notice that l seemed to always be smiling. Of course there were times l felt sad or unhappy BUT not depressed. It has taken a while for my husband to understand that l am unhappy NOT depressed. After a trial of three weeks, my doctor has put these new tabs, on my repeat prescription form! Yeh, success. So please don't give up looking for answers. If you feel your tabs are not right for you .... talk to your doctor or your therapist. Never give up ... life is too precious. xx  

Those drawing and colourings l made into many books. Looking through the books began to make me feel better about myself and l began to think ... maybe l could paint again! I went back into the studio and after a few "mistakes" l produced the images below! I have always been fascinated by circles ... so that was were l decide to start and it just flowed. I was so overcome but extremely happy!

In the early 1980's l lived in Dubai for roughly 6 years. I loved the place and have so many amazing memories. The Dubai l knew no longer exists but my memories are so clear. I can hear and smell the Fish Market and oh the smells of the Spice Souk are unbelievable.  Below are some the images l have of the Fish Market. Amazing place.

As many of you know, l am teaching an After-school class until July. Below are just two of Tuesday's  after-school class. The first image was painted by a 4 year old.

Just love these colours

Well that's it for tonight folks. See you tomorrow ... l hope!

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