Friday, 15 June 2018

Nature, drawing, painting and Depression !

Today, l came home with loads of books and paintings from the After-School club ... I felt like a real teacher again! Ha! I did do some drawing with the children the other week. The subject was "magical or make-believe creatures". Here are some of my own ideas.  These were the drawings for the 4 to 5 year olds. It was great fun and they really did go to town. :)

As we were leaving the flat to go to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, I saw this poor bee on the windowsill. :)

Inside Isabella Plantation I saw this beautiful bee, very much alive. So much pollen on such a small creature!

We try to go to Isabella Plantation every week to take photos, illustrating how everything is progressing. I never knew there were white foxgloves. Aren't they gorgeous? So very delicate. 

This is a sad image, so if you love ducklings ... look away now. We were looking for the ducklings that l saw a week or so ago ... no luck. So we were already sad when we saw this sight. A little one trying to right it's self but slowly drowning. :(  The adults did not appear to be concerned. Eventually he did drown but one of the adults kept going back to look at it. I know it is Nature but it was still very sad to watch.

On the way out of Richmond park we saw this lovely sight. I was surprised to see a black, fallow deer.

I have been doing a lot of sketching each day, really enjoying myself as well as learning a lot. The first two were done with a biro, very quickly.

This image of a turtle is all about lines and patterns.

Very quick sketch of a man l saw at a local Sainsbury's petrol station.

Here are a few of my latest watercolour portraits. Having great fun and enjoying experimenting and being creative with my dreams!

I have had depression many times in my life. Each episode seemed to have different reasons and different end results. When l was 5, l  came back to UK after four and a half years in Singapore. My father was in the R.A.F, on Sunderland flying boats. l left my "nanny"of almost 5 years, Raymah. I didn't speak very much English and was not used to being cold.


 I felt and was treated differently by my U.K family. They thought that l was strange. I was brown in colour; l wore different sorts of clothes to other children; and, I didn't like British food (!). I went to a Welsh school. They didn't seem to like English people, especially because of my colour, even if it was a suntan... Remembering this was in 1956/57 when I am told that civilians were possibly hostile to service children. We had a radical change in lifestyle. Completely different foods; my mother had a maid/nanny and a wonderful life in the RAF overseas. Admittedly, my Dad was away from Singapore a lot but my mum had good backup and her life was basically blissful. Then back to UK ... no sunshine ... no help ... no nanny and my mum was pregnant. Less money, staying with my grandparents because there was no married quarter available for my parents and me!! Of course at that age l did not know what depression was and what it was doing to me. My mum is an alcoholic and not a nice one. She still had a hold over me until quite recently and l am 65! I spent most of my time looking after my baby sister and keeping us safe. In those days people tended to look the other way and just get on with their lives. I remember once l went to school for a whole week with no shoes because my mum had drunk all the money. Once dad came home l got shoes, but what does that do to a child's mentality? I cannot blame my dad because he was just trying to keep his career going and money coming in. Very difficult place for him to be in. Doesn't mean at the time l was not angry but as l got older l understood more. I never had any Counselling as it was not available in those days. Well not that l knew anyway. There is no way l can talk this over with my mother because she will not admit any of it. 
Anyway, as you can see, my depression "history" started at an early age. More later my friends but l will end with a happy image!

Night all ... sweet dreams. x

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