Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Inner voice, creating Art and where to get ideas from!

Since January l have been trying to paint a portrait in a day or so. Project 52 on Facebook, to increase  the amount of work we produce in a year! I have never created with watercolours before but for various reasons, l thought l would try using them ...  I love them! These portraits are all coming from my dreams or my imagination. I don't know where these dreams are coming from but they are very weird! :) but l am enjoying creating them. I am not sure if people like them or not but l am learning, that as long as l like them ... that's all that matters !  Most artists l know are neurotic about people liking their art and feel very unsure how to react when people don't. I know l worried and still do sometimes about what my inner voices talk to me about. These voices can be very loud and constant! In the end because of some Counselling, l had about my depression, l was also to understand how to cope with them. I had a very difficult childhood with an alcoholic mother and a father who was in the services and away a lot. My mother never wanted me and never loved me. She was for ever telling me this. I alway felt different and was always being told that and also how weird l was. I moved every 2 years or so and never learnt how to make friends because it was never worth the effort in the end! It is very weird to be 65 and learning that it is the "Mother" l crave not my actual mother. Life is a bitch sometimes isn't it? All these events and many more have made me a very unconfident person. I still feel different and weird but that's ok ... l am learning to be happy in my own skin. If people don't like it ... so be it. That is their problem and not mind. It has taken 65 years but l think l am getting there!
Here are a few of those "weird and wonderful" paintings! :)

People often ask me they don't know what to paint. I can tell you this, ideas are all around you you just have to look. For example my daughter Jenny, Oscar and l went to The Science Museum a few weeks ago. One of the exhibitions was this light show. You went into a dark room and on one of the walls, was a video scene. As you walked in you were outlined into loads of different colours. I took some images which l thought were great fun. The colours and shapes gave Oscar (4years old)  many wonderful ideas to paint. What can you see and what would you paint?

Another idea for your drawings or painting are these images of planets. Loads of ideas for patterns and colours.

Another idea which l always find interesting, is visit to a coffee shop. I never really need an excuse to sit in a cafe and draw. The added advantage is a good coffee and of course ... a piece of cake.


I love felt tipped pens. Here are a few drawings l have done in one of my notebooks. I often do them when l am watching a TV show, in the evening. They are simple but very relaxing.

One last thing to show you. A very simple piece of self drying clay sculpture. A hedgehog created with clay and found sticks found while playing in Forest school, he goes to on a Monday.


On that note, l will say Goodnight and happy "creating". xx


  1. Thank you... A Psychologists playground, those watercolours ;) x

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