Monday, 4 June 2018

Half term fun and lots of drawing.

Hello. It is a long time since l have dyed anything. So l bought this white top from a second hand shop and thought it was a bit boring, so l dyed it this gorgeous green but it need more. So last night l decided to tie dye it  and add a purple to the mix. Once it is dry l will show you the result. Fingers crossed!

Over the half term we had our surrogate grandson Oscar to come and stay for 4 days and 3 sleeps, as he always says. This half term turned into some what of a  "Nature" one.  One of the places we spent a lot of time in was Fulham Palace Gardens. One of the attractions is an enormous sandpit and water area. Oscar LOVES it. Luckily over the three days the weather was nice. So off came the clothes and into the water and sandpit he went! :) Apart from being very wet, he also built some amazing castles with moats joined together with ravines! 

Some little girls made this very attractive sand castle!

The play areas are also amazing. There is this huge climbing frame and slide. Oscar amazed me by actually learning how to climb to the top and then slide down the slide. Baring in mind he is only 4 years old, l think he was wonderful. He had a scary time once and l managed to persuade him down, with the help of to wonderful older boys ( 8/10 years old ). Once down he was in tears and had a huge cuddle, then surprised me by saying, " Ok Nanna, lets try again". It reminded me that sometimes we don't give enough credit to children, for how much they can push themselves, given the right encouragement. He eventually, on this particular morning, climbed the frame 12 times. Way to go Oscar. Must admit there were times, l was wondering how l was going to explain to his mother, why he was at A&E ! :)

While Oscar was so busy playing, l decided to draw. I am practicing sketching more these days. And l have to admit to myself, that l am getting better. Practicing every day really does improve your drawing people!!. The first sketch is of a baby playing in the sand.

The second sketch is of the train the children were playing on.

And the last drawings are by Oscar!

At the park we also saw some ducks. 

These 8 ducklings were so cute. Oscar wanted to go and see them up close. So very quietly we crept up to mummy duck and her brood. Just we got as close as l thought advisable, Oscar put his hand out to try and stroke the chick, before l could stop him. And amazingly one of the ducklings stayed still for a few seconds and Oscar got his wish, l was amazed . When l asked him to describe the sensation, he replied, " safe and warm Nanna". What a lucky boy.

One of the mornings, we went out through the front entrance and there were these two beetles. Not sure what they are called but unfortunately both dead. Didn't stop Oscar and l examining them in great detail! :) We have one of those magnifying pot from Tiger. He found them fascinating and asked a lot of interesting question. Oscar is at that age where he favourite word at the moment is " Why"?

This amazing plant is a foxglove. This bloom was right at the top of the plant. I have never seen this before, has anyone else?

After Oscar went home on Friday, l have at last had time to do some more drawing. At the doctors this morning, l did these two quick sketches. I am really trying to improve my portrait sketching.

Bye for now and ... keep drawing!

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