Sunday, 10 June 2018

Depression! ... Performers, Artists and my work.

For the past few weeks, depression has been in the news and on my mind a lot. It is a subject that needs to be talked about and LOUDLY. I put a message up on Facebook to see if any one in London, fancies getting together to think about depression and how Art, can help spread the word ... that we do not need to feel ashamed to have depression or be afraid to talk about it. But there has been so much spoken about it lately, mainly because of all these suicides of famous people, that has been happening. I could talk about the subject all day long but l need to cheer my blog up a bit! ... for a bit any way. :)

But enough ... this piece is going to be about ART. Over the years l have met some very interesting people. Here are just a few. This lovely couple very happily allowed me to take pictures of their amazing jewellery.

These happy people l met on a high street in Central London. They were laughing and showing off their sunglasses.

Ha! Just realised l can see myself in his glasses!

The next man and l had a very interesting talk about Art and he shared his tea with me.

Another thing l like about Central London is all the "Performers" you see on the street. I saw these "Performers" in and around Covent Garden.  I saw this woman preparing her face, for her "statue" performance. I thought she was so beautiful and graceful looking.

This guy has muscles and a 6 pack to die for but his very weird eyes made me feel a little unsettled!

This artist was amazing and the work he produced was spectacular. Ok he is coping someone else's work but wow what a talent. 

He certainly deserved the money people were giving him!

Last but not least 2 pieces of my own work. While l was doing my degree, l had an idea for a fun project. I took images of peoples faces, with their permission, and what footwear they were wearing. Then l asked people to see if they could guess which shoes belonged to which face. The first time l showed it was in St. George's Hospital. To great success l must admit. The feed back l received was amazing. Most of the people who played the game were medical staff and told me it helped them to calm down before night duty. Others were students who told me that it took their minds off their forth coming exams. Funny thing was, my tutors thought it a trivial project. I wish l had had the courage to tell them what l thought of that comment !!! The first image shows some medical students who were so eager to play this game, that they started it before l put it up on the wall! :)

Then l made them like tiny tiles and let the students of my Art School, Wimbledon School of Art, play with them too. They disagreed with my tutors too. :)

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