Thursday, 7 June 2018

Depression in children, after-school children and clay and last but not least ... some of my sketches!

Hi, firstly l am going to talk about children and depression . Before l start , l am still amazed that even though we are supposed to be more open about Depression ... we are NOT. People l talk to seem still seem embarrassed about the subject. Shame. I find it hard to remember a time when l was not suffering from depression. From around 6years old t0 13 l didn't know that was what l was suffering from. I just felt lonely, unloved, different, scared and confused. From 13 l realised that l had a problem but not what it was exactly. As l had a problem with my mother, my dad was away and l had just started Boarding School ... Who was l to trust? It was best to keep it all to myself and just try and cope! I think that there have always been children like me. BUT l was so shocked to read a statistic  the other day that said ...   1 in 5 children has mental health problems.   43% increase in ADHD37% increase in teen depression.    200% increase in the suicide rate in kids 10-14 years old“.  How can we help our children? There are loads of articles out there, that give you loads of help and information. A lot of information tells you that children need a good sleep pattern, proper food ( no junk food! ) and lots of exercise. But l think emotionally available parents are so important. They need guide lines, creative play and chances to be bored and have unstructured free time. I always made sure my children, foster or childminded children, had free time to decide to play outside, draw or paint. Learning to entertain themselves l think, is very important.

In my view, Parents and Children spend far to much time on phones and computers , instead of actually talking to each other. Have at least one meal  at the dining room table and bann phones during meal times, so you can talk to each other. Children always have a lot to talk about and if it is a habit, when they become teenagers it is easier to keep this habit going. One of the things l used to do when my children came home from school, was to drop everything and give them time. Yes l know, if you are a working parent that is almost impossible. But who ever is looking after your children could do the same thing surely? Try to explain to your children why it is SO important that they can and should want to talk to you. It is not an easy think to do. BUT often parents feel uneasy or embarrassed talking to their children on this topic. It always astonishes me that parents find it so hard to be honest and open with their children.
My husband said to me last night, that he was surprised that l was so honest about my life to all and sundry on this new blog. It is the last thing in the world he could do. I have to admit since last night's post about my problems with my mother, l feel better. I think that it is because l  have been honest with myself for the first time in years. Also my therapist enabled me to see how much l have done even though my life had been hard. I realised that l could do anything l set my mind on. Also l think that if more people talked about there problems with depression and other problems openly, life could become easier for so many children and adults.
Ok enough ... lets talk about Art. At the moment l am working for a lady who is 37 weeks pregnant. So l am taking her after-school classes until the 6th July. I am having a ball but am shattered after each session! I always forget l am 65 not 30 any more! Ha! Anyway this week instead of painting, they were creating with clay. They have been having so much fun. I had told each group they could create something that was magical or mysterious or something they wanted to create . We had lots of discussions on what "magical" meant and could they create something that was "nothing"? They do like to challenge me! :) First image is a wonderful doughnut!

An very decorative dragon.

A snowman and a three legged stool!

A flat sweet!

An elephant with wings.

A pencil pot holder.

A very cute elephant.

I have always admired artists that sketch all the time. It has taken me quite awhile to get sketching but l have to admit that once l started l couldn't stop. The saying "Sketch each day and you will eventually get better". I used to think " yeh, right "!!!! But to be honest it's right. I actually love it now and sketch when ever l can. While l wait for a bus, while l have a coffee or in the doctors waiting room.

So now l am off to bed. Night all.xx

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  1. Power to your elbow girl. Your followers might appreciate even more the output of your art class this week if you described the numbers and age ranges you are dealing with, single handed, each day. Awesome. Only I am aware of the furious paddling my swan is doing in preparation for each session. :)
    Even I can see the development of your drawing technique this year. Despite being a proud Philistine ;)x


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