Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Continuing my life story.

Hi guys.
Today's After-school Art class was really interesting. The children and l discussed where artists may get their inspiration from. The children in this class ranged from 4 years old to 7. It just happened l had my iPad with me, so showed them some images, l had taken. I explain that often it is the colour that first attracts me. The following two images are a good example of what l mean. Both these images were taken in Cornwall. Love that county, always so full of colour and wonderful beaches!


So l often find myself looking for things that might fit some of my ideas. The image below is one that l found in a garden, when l was thinking about shrines and angels in my Art.

The other thing that always helps me, is Mother Nature. There is not only amazing colours but plenty of patterns to keep your brain whirling around for hours! :)

For ages l have been fascinated by feathers, especially white ones.  Here's one that floated in through the front door, of the coffee shop l was sitting in! Magic!


This is one of the many l found when on a walk a few months ago. By the time l got home after a 30 min walk, l had 7 white feathers! Peaceful times.


Then this is one we found on a beach in Cornwall ... it stood out among the rubbish that was also on the beach.

I believe that when you see feathers around you all the time, your guardian angels are not far away. For example one day l was having a hell of a time with my mother, after my father had just died. As l walked out of the front door, a feather floated down in front of me. It made me smile. Another time l went out of my mother's house to try and calm down. Every couple of feet l would find a white feather, large and small. On days l am having a hard time, l will always find one or even 2, they help me to feel safe and to know things will work out soon. As you can see from the image below, the white feathers are not just on the ground!! :)

After we had this chat , the children were all trying to talk at the same time. They talked about how they would start looking at things on the way to school. One of the boys said he would be looking when he played football! One of the girls was talking about looking in her garden to see what patterns she could find. The comment that made me giggle was from a 4 year old......
" I can go and look at my shoes. l love shoes and mummy had loads. Some glittery and some with lots of holes in them" :)
I really love teaching children, apart from the fact that l find it so much fun, l seem to learn something   new each session. One of the things l have learnt, is most children have an idea of what they want to achieve and then the adult/teacher should then listen to them. So many times l have heard or watched a teacher telling the children what their picture should look like and then actually altering the children's picture. I never touch the children's art unless asked too. If l want them to respect me than it has to be a two way process, in my book. 

Over the weekend my surrogate grandson came to stay. One of the things l did with him was to spend 7 hours at a park near us. It was HOT ... l know it was mad but boy was it fun. Firstly he climbed the huge climbing frame, that he learnt to climb last time.

                                                                       Up .....

and .......... Down !

And up and down again and round and round !

Then he had a whale of a time playing in the water and the sand pit.

Such an amazing place for children to play in. A huge sandpit on one side and on the other side a fantastic water play area. Water spraying at different heights and directions and as the water area is sloped, they have some water to actual sit in. Fantastic fun for all. x

Then on Sunday morning we went for a walk around my estate. I took him to a seated place, so he could watch to see if any birds came to feed, at the two bird feeders. At one point l put my camera down on the seat to use my phone, l think. The next minute my grandson had picked it up and asked if he could look through the camera. Of course l said ....and off he went and oh boy ... l created a monster.! :)  He went around taking image after image but he was actually VERY good!! Here are a few of those image. I have not altered any of them.


No. 2 ..... a selfie!

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6 .... look out world, here l come!

No. 7   He loves this tree.

No. 8  ... laughing Nanna!! :)      Not bad for the first time he had every used a camera, He actually seemed to work out what he wanted from each image. He is only 4! 

In Oct 1987 my family were posted to Papua New Guinea for  3 years. At about this time my interest in Death started . I discovered there were so many customs and stories surrounding death in Papua New Guinea. This is one of the many images l have concerning death and their ritual. This is a widow sitting in her village. When there is a death in a village or in town, you will also see white hand prints every where. They will be on tree trunks, cars, shop windows, almost everywhere. Once when we were walking around where l now live, in Putney, l saw surprised to see a tree trunk covered in white handprints. It was a surprise but it made me smile even though it was a sad sign.


While we were in Papua New Guinea l was lucky enough to attend a huge Sing-Sing.

Sing-sing is a gathering of a few tribes or villages in Papua New Guinea. People arrive to show their distinct culture, dance and music. The aim of these gatherings is to peacefully share traditions as each Islands have their own dance. Villagers paint and decorate themselves for sing-sings which they only have once a year.

I was very lucky because l managed to get into the closed of area, by posing as the Foreign Offices official photographer! :)  well if you don't try ....! :)  I have loads of image from this Sing-sing but unfortunately they are on an old fashion photo paper images! :) I am gradually scanning them all but it is a slow business . When l have down loaded some more l will upload them to my blog.

This guy just fascinated me. I think he was from the Eastern Highlands and l just couldn't take my eyes of him. Imagine facing him in a battle ... l think l might turn and run. Also he was carrying a bow and some arrows. As l had just seen a demonstration on how to use them ...  he scared the living daylight out of me.!!


Then on the way home, look what we saw ! These boys were walking on the side of the road and stopped to let me look at their "snake" catch. They told me that this snake will be skinned and then shared among their families..  As you can imagine they were very happy with their catch. 


Well, that's all for tonight. Sleep well my friends. ❣️❣️❣️zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. Speaking as Yang to your Yin I can say that life together is rarely dull, from my perspective at any rate. :) I share your continual disappointment that my profound philistinism prevents me from offering the constructive, critical appreciation that your creative efforts deserve. However, I am delighted to recognise the extent of the warm recognition you receive from a wide variety of observers. I know how driven you are by creative impulses that I regret I cannot share. If I did then we might have much greater cause for conflicts over time and resources. :) xx


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