Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Let's here it for working parents ... who are also artists!!!

Let’s hear it for working artists with families. When my own children were small, l also had child- minded children and foster children, so 5/6 children under the age of 5! .... so my own art was put on hold! When my children went to boarding school because we were living overseas, l became involved with art and children, when ever possible. Normally on a voluntary basis because it was difficult to get a work visa in most countries!
The reason l have been thinking a lot about this lately, is because of a 4 yr old for whom we are surrogate grandparents. For the last 8 days he has been staying with us, he normally stays 2 or 3 days and generally over a weekend. So my art gets put on hold and we go and see art galleries, museums or places like Kew Gds. Generally l paint and draw everyday ... not these 8 days. He wanted to play games such as snakes and ladders, dominoes, make play dough, cakes and so much more! . So my painting went on hold but l did manage to do some drawing each day. But with no playmates here ... Tony and l became his friends. Great fun! but by 8pm l was shattered:) And of course l am a LOT older now then when l had my own children when l was 22 and 23! :) 

Here are some of the things we did  ... making a road system......

Making cupcakes ,,,,,

Drawing animals.



He has noticed more about what l do when l paint, then l realised! He started every painting covering the paper with white paint. I asked him why? 
"I am putting on a base coat Nanna, of course!"
I quite often put Gesso on my journal and also on my acrylic paintings. Observant or what! 

He was doing abstract on purpose!!! Seriously.

We had so much fun and l shall miss him. But this week my days are full for different reasons. Re-pluming and replacing all radiators in the house. So everything is piled into the centre of each room. Not fun ... But on the other hand, l am back teaching. I am covering for a lady who has her own after-school art studio. She is off to have a baby! I am teaching from 4 to 6, Monday to Friday for nearly 2 months. I started yesterday and it is a totally different experience from teaching in my own studio. The children are ranged from 4-7 and are great. I have said l will not go against any of her teaching methods but it is hard. We had one disagreement but had a laugh over it. The children were painting sunflowers in a pot. One of the children had left bare spaces on the painting. My view is to leave it, if that is what they want. The teacher's view is if there are bare patches, the painting is not finished! We had a big discussion over this one! What are your views?
Bye for now.

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