Friday, 27 April 2018

The start of my Art and my Art Adventures.

This is my new blog about my Art and my Art adventures!I hope you enjoy it.
 I used to use Acrylics but then l spent 6 months in Australia . I was there looking after my grandson but l only had a small space to work in, to create my Art. So l thought l would try watercolours for the first time. I loved them. I am still experimenting but l am having fun, which is so important. l hope you like some of these paintings? Most of them are from my very strange dreams or my imagination!! Ha! 
When l first started l came across an art site called Project 52. This a way of building up a good amount of work at the end of the year. I have been creating for this project from Jan 2018 but l thought l would start at the beginning, so you can see, l hope, how l have improved. So here are the first few paintings ....


 Then they started to change ...

Every Thursday l go to Isabella Plantation, in Richmond Park. I am taking images of the same plants and trees each week, to see how they change all through out the year. Here of a few from today.

Stunning and the colours are so beautiful.

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  1. Lovely new work! I miss my weekly make, must strt again ;) Lovely garden


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